onsdag 1 september 2010

Ingredients for Paper Chef #56 September 2010

Oh my! Time is up for new ingredients to cook with in the September roundup of Paper Chef 2010. I have to say it was kind of comical that I actually won August's Paper Chef because I've made a comment about that, after we all had posted our entries. It was something about not wanting to win; "That my friends, is not something I would like to do, because all the entries are so delicious and tasteful!,"How is it possible to choose a winner? Ironic, huh.

Anyhow, the ingedients are drawn, and, I've chosen the 4th one too. I'm glad to present the ingredients for Paper Chef #56 September 2010, they are as follows: *

Pumpkin/Squash and
lemon grass

In Sweden where I live, it is harvest time. Farmers markets are all over town and there is a lot nice and fresh vegetables in the stores. It might be some difficulties with the peaches though. They're kind of out of season, but I have faiht in finding some thoug :-) Since I'm a vegetarian I would like to have a vegetarian theme for this September roundup. You can make sallads, side dishes, but, how about making a vegetarian main dish. Or, maybe even as crazy and going raw! Of course, you'll decide what you're going to cook, but, no animals! If you're a vegan it is absolutely ok to replace ingredients such as dairy products, eggs, honey and so on with a vegan one. If you're allergic to any of the chosen ingredients you're welcome to replace them too. Come on now and challange your selves in the kitchen. See you soon!

Good luck to you all! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

* Update: I'm sorry, but, I totally missed to write about the RULES and regulations (please, read them if it's your first time) for joining Paper Chef. If you don't have your own blog, you can still make an entry. Mail it, together with a photo on your creation if you have, to the same address as all of you will mail your links to your blog post for this particular event - paperhefATgmailDOTcom - and they will be posted on the PAPER CHEF blog.

Deadline is midnight on Tuesday the 7th

After that, I'll have some pleasant work to do before I will reveal the winner on Miss Meisters mat med mera...

4 kommentarer:

Nässelblom och choklad sa...

Ja, det lär nog bli en riktig utmaning att välja en enda vinnare....Spännande ingredienser att kombinera.

Åsa sa...

Nässelblom och choklad - ja och nu är det säkert fler som kommer vara med. Tror sommar och semester gjorde att en del inte deltog. Det var förvisso första gången för mig. Nu vet jag inte om jag hinner laga ngt själv. Och fråga mig inte varför i hela världen jag valde citrongräs? Jag drog fram tre lotter och fick välja den fjärde själv. Ja ja, som man bäddar får man ligga ;-)

AlessioFangano sa...

Interesting sweet ingredients (except capers, but who knows ;))
Will try to come up with something but I doubt I will find lemon grass in Sicily so I will have to use lemon peel, is it ok? :)

Åsa sa...

Alessio - I don't mind you using lemon peel instead! I'll bet it will taste even better :-) In fact, I wanted to choose lemon, but it is not on the ingredients list (unfortunately I was a little late with suggestions for more ingredients. I'll save them for next time :-) )
I think lemon grass is a little bit more bitter than sour. That was a very wierd choise of me though, because the squash can taste kind of bitter too... I was kind of hung up on the sour part and had lemon in my mind... Maybe I'll wont find lemon grass either ;-)

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