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Ovenbaked squash and lemon grass with a salty peach and tofu sauce - PC #56 Sept. 2010

Time really do flies. I thought I had all the time in the world until time was up for the next Paper Chef. But no. It went so fast I hardley had time to close my eyes. I actually manage to cook something for September Paper Chef though, but now I have to write in English again, and it takes hours for me.

Right now is the best time for pumkins and funny looking squashes. The Farmers Market has a lot to offer. Unfortunately doesn't my wallet offer the same varieties. Therefore I used a common green squash; zucchihi. Then, I'm forutnate to have some square meters of soil outside my apartement where I can grow flowers, rhubarbs, gooseberries, strawberries (althogh all thousands of woodlice are eating them!) and herbs. My tarragon is my most treassured herb and I'm so happy the plant is getting a little bit larger every year. I did have a beautiful rosmary which lasted year after year after year. One day, last fall, when I came out to check on my little allotment, the whole rosemary plant was gone! Someone had taken it. There was a hole in the ground where it had grown for more than five years!
Any how, back to Paper Chef

0Ovenbaked stuffed zucchini with a salty peach- and toufu sauce
2 pers

500 g zucchini
2 red onions, finly shredded
2 sticks of lemon grass
2-3 tbsp oliv oil
tarragon, freshly chopped (use dry if you don't have fresh)
black pepper

Finely slice the red onions. Wash and cut off about one third of the zucchini (about 200 g) and slice that part into thin shreds. Divide the large part of the zucchini in halfs and remove the core. Slice the core and add to the shredded once. Pour some olive oil and put the zhuccini-halfs in an ovenproof casserole and precook them, while frying the other vegetables, in the oven on 200 degrees Celsius for about 10-15 min.
Fry the onions and zucchini in olive oi, medium heat. Make sure not to burn anything. Rather cook the vegetables for some more minutes, on lower heat, than burn, or make it to dry, to fast.
Cut two sticks of lemon grass in two and crush the thick end (with help from the end of the knife handle). Put them in the pan, together with the onions and zucchini. Depending on what kind of skillet you have, you'll might need to add some water if it's too dry.

Take out the zucchini-halves. Fill them with the fryed vegetables, and put them back in the oven. Ovenbake for about 10-15 minuts or until the zucchini-halves are soft. During that time you can cook som whole food pasta and mix together the ingredients for the sauce.

Peach- and tofu sauce with capers

2 peaches, cut in pieces
3 tsp capers, medium size
150 g silk (soft) tofu
1 lime, squeezed
1 tsp dijon mustard

Mix all the ingredients. Taste. Eventually ad some more salt/capers, dijon mustard and pepper if you like. The colour isn't the most attractive but it sure taste the better. Serve with cooked fresh whole wheat pasta.

I do wish I had a larger mixer i my kitchen. This one does a lot of work for me, but sometimes it isn't good enough. Lucky for me the peaches where really nice and soft ;-)
I can't seem to get decent pictuers of my dishes. Either I use the flash and everything get all whiteish, or, no flash and everything is kind of yellow. I'm also trying to find out how to put two pictures beside each other...

I'm really looking forward to read, and maybe taste, your contributions to
Paper Chef #56 September 2010

4 kommentarer:

Nässelblom och choklad sa...

Wow vad spännande! Jag har verkligen varit nyfiken på vad som ska bli resultatet av de här ingredienserna. Ditt bidrag låter helt klart intressant. Ska följa utvecklingen och se vad som kommer in. Det där med dina stulna kryddor är verkligen helt knäppt. Hur kan sådant hända. Vad duktig du är som skriver på engelska. Ha en bra helg! Kram/Eva

sarah sa...

I have a mixer quite similar to yours and I use it when I make smooth soups. It also has a food processor attachment which is really useful.

I love the idea of the tofu and peach sauce. It looks delicious and would go really well with the zucchini. Thanks for the inspiration!

As for pictures, does your camera have a white balance setting? Even small point-and-shoot cameras have this and you can set it to indoor light (it looks like a lightbulb, probably) and then the pictures won't come out so yellow. You hopefully won't need the flash then. Good luck!

Tricia sa...

Somebody *stole* your rosemary plant? That's awful! I wonder what made them do it??

Anyway, the recipe looks quite tasty. Stuffed zucchini is an interesting idea, and I never would have thought to make a sauce from tofu and peaches!

Mikey sa...

Wow!! Very unusual combination, but sounds tempting!

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