måndag 16 augusti 2010

Paper Chef #55 Roundup

My fist ever written post in English and I decided to join a cooking competition. Go figure - I'm not making things easy for me ;-) I was done on time and then, nothing. Quiet. No e-mail, no comment or no post on the Paper Chef blog. But now there is! You'll find all the entries here. Apperently there are few competitors in this 55th roundup. I guess people are having vacation and/or taking some time of blogging. It does take some time for everyone of us who is cooking, measuring, writing, taking pictuers and so on. I'm happy though since this all English thing is kind of new to me. Not use to read and write about food in English (only Human Rights issues)

Now we're all waiting for Alessio with the blog Recipe Taster to make up his mind and pronounce a winner! That, my friends, is not something I would like to do, because all the entries are so delicious and tasteful!

Good Luck to you all August Paper Chefs

1 kommentar:

MyKitchenInHalfCups sa...

Delighted you've got the coffee ready! Let's try some cream chesse and oh maybe applebutter ... and oh my let's have some apricot jam with it and if I've missed your favorite let's have a slice with some of that too!
Thanks for the sweet comment.
I'm with you I don't want to have to pick the winner of one of the Paper Chefs!

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