torsdag 12 augusti 2010

My rhubarbs are going bananas!

I've already harvested my rhubarbs three times this season, and, this (above) is how they looked yesterday! It has been raining a lot lately and I really need to do some weeding, but, hate doing that when everyting out there is wet and sticky. More rain is obviously to expect, but, I'll definitely have to gather my rhubarbs once more. I do have a slightly pleasant dilemma though. I don't know what to do with them?
I absolutely love my rhubarb pie and all the different varieties you can do with that, but, is under no circumstances eating paj, cookies or other sweet stuff for some while now. I've done salad with rhubarb and even meringues with rhubarb juice. I can make marmelad, but, my experience tells me that I don't eat that much bread and marmelad after all. I use to give away jars though, but, my economy doesn't allow me to any expeses outside the absolute necessary.

Two pictures from the end of May this year, right before
my first gathering of the rhubarbs!

Well, I'll start with putting them in the freezer. I know for sure it will taste awesome with a rhubarb pie at Christmas time ;-)

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Mikkan sa...

Är detta din odling där du bor? Sån lyx att ha det inpå gården! :)

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